Renting is a two-party relationship. The team at Gilco Property Management recognise that tenants are our clients too and are committed to making the tenancy process as simple and convenient possible for tenants. Here is what you can expect from Gilco Property Management:

1. Incredible Property Selection

Gilco Property Management handles residential properties all over the Auckland’s North Shore and surroundi ng areas. Our portfolio includes different kinds of real estate to suit any requirement and we keep on adding new clients.

Want to be close to your kid’s school? Do you require simple access to public transportation? Do you want to cut down your travelling time to and from your workplace? Irrespective of what your unique requirements may be, Gilco Property Management will assist you to find the right place to rent.

2. Proactive management

You might not own the property but you still call it “home”. Our proactive management means that your rental will be maintained to a standard that you can be proud of. The team is always one call away to deal with any issue that may arise, so you can feel secure in your rental. Don’t wait any longer to get a place you can call “home”. Contact Gilco Property Management today!

According to the RTA 1986 Tenants must:

1) Pay the rent on time.
2) Keep the property reasonably clean and tidy.
3) Let the landlord know about any damage or repairs straight away.
4) Pay for their own outgoings like, electricity, gas and internet.
5) At the end of the tenancy, leave the property clean, tidy, and clear of rubbish and possessions.
6) Leave all keys with the landlord.
7) Leave all items that were supplied with the tenancy.

Tenants must not:

1) Stop paying rent if the landlord hasn’t done repairs.
2) Damage the premises.

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