Take back control of your time, let Gilco PM manage your property. We’ll treat you as a VIP, not a number, as we’re a boutique company that manages a limited number of properties. We look after your property as if it were our own.

Gilco conduct all routine property management and maintenance. Leave it to us to interpret the latest tenancy rules and answer tenant queries, collect rent, monitor and maintain your property and everything in between. Plus, for your peace of mind, your rent will be held in a trust account and you will get easy to understand monthly statements.

We offer stringent tenant selection procedures, have access to the latest market information to assist in achieving the right rental level, and perform regular inspections and rent reviews to ensure your rental property is truly meeting its potential.

The benefit of using Gilco Property Management to manage your property is that we work hard to ensure you get maximum cash flow and to reduce tenant turnover.

According to the RTA 1986 owners must:

1) Make sure the property is in a reasonable condition.
2) Let the tenant have quiet enjoyment of the property.
3) Meet all relevant building, health and safety standards.
4) Handle any abandoned goods in the correct way.
5) Inform the tenant if the property is for sale.
6) Have an agent if they are out of New Zealand for more than 21 days.

They can’t

1) Seize the tenant’s goods for any reason.
2) Interfere with the supply of any services to the premises, unless it is necessary to avoid danger to a person or to allow repairs.

Both owners and tenants are responsible for:

1) Making sure the tenancy agreement is in writing.
2) Keeping their contact details up to date.
3) Not changing the locks without permission.

See more at – Your rights and responsibilities » Tenancy Services

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